Pet Policy


Your animal friends are welcome at Hotel Lajadira: dogs up to 8kg and cats up to 3kg can be accommodated.

Pet Policy

In order to facilitate co-existence with other guests, we would like to remind you of some rules that must be observed during your stay:

a) when checking in, you must present the animal’s health booklet with the relevant vaccinations carried out. In the absence of a health booklet, the owner must issue a declaration under his or her responsibility confirming that the animal is regularly vaccinated, healthy, free of parasites and insured for any damage it may cause to property or persons.

b) The owner is responsible for the repair and/or replacement of any items that may be stained or damaged by the animal, as well as for damage caused to other guests.

c) Four-legged guests may walk, accompanied, in the communal areas and along the route from the room to the hotel entrance. Animals may not therefore stay in the following areas of the hotel: bar, restaurant, wellness centre, swimming pool, toilets, whether they are indoors or outdoors (the only exception being guide dogs or pet therapy).
Possible exceptions and concessions will be assessed by the individual Management according to individual cases and requests.

d) When travelling inside the hotel, animals must always be kept on a leash and muzzled or in a pet carrier (for cats).

e) If the animal soils itself, it must be cleaned up immediately by the owner and inform the hotel staff of the incident. We ask you the courtesy to remove excrements also in the common areas (i.e. garden, hotel appurtenances).

f) We ask you not to leave your four-legged guest in their room alone, in order to prevent unpleasant situations for them and other hotel guests. If necessary, please remember to display the pendant outside the room door in order to inform other guests and hotel staff of the presence of animals.

g) The four-legged guest must not disturb other guests, both in the room and when passing through the common areas.

i) For reasons of safety and comfort of the animal, the maid will not clean the room if the 4-legged guest is left there unattended. Therefore, room cleaning will only take place when the animal is in your company and custody.

l) For anything not specified, we refer you to the provisions of Article 2052 of the Civil Code on the subject of animals: “Damage caused by animals – The owner of an animal or whoever uses it for the time it is in his or her care shall be liable for damage caused by the animal, whether it is in his or her care, or is lost or escaped, unless he or she proves unforeseeable circumstances (c. 2051)”.

We thank you and your animal friends for your cooperation.

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